Welcome to the Atlantic Ocean Energy Alliance

The Atlantic Ocean Energy Alliance (AOEA) is an alliance of like-minded individuals, companies, institutes and representative bodies with an interest in Ocean Energy.  Established in early 2011, the AOEA members share the common belief that the West Coast of Ireland possesses one of the best offshore wind and wave resources in the world and is in a position to realise extremely significant economic and social benefits from its exceptional Atlantic location.

The AOEA shared vision is to: maximise the economic and social benefit for the Western Region in particular and Ireland in general, from the emerging Ocean Energy Industry. The majority of our potential ocean energy resource lies off the west coast of Ireland and the challenge lies in the successful National exploitation of this, to the benefit of the source region and nation.  

AOEA Action Plan

The AOEA recognises the unique opportunity afforded to Ireland with its exceptional marine energy resources. As Europe moves towards becoming an electricity-powered economy...

Why Ireland?

Ireland possesses a huge natural resource off our western seaboard. We have one of the best readily accessible wind and wave regimes in the world...